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Heaven on the earth

This is the heaven on the earth.On the earth,On the earth. My eyes were blindfor so long,for so long. I saw limitations andonly the limitations.…
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The Purple Hue

The rain went broke, and the sun rays poked The clouds darted, and the rays scattered. The light vowed   it would make amends to make…
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The King of the Sky

The night sultry, was not apt for June oddly. Sleepless, I tossed wildly and dreamed walking on the moon vividly, To my dismay, the dawn…
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A New Morning

Photo by vjapratama from Pexels I tossed androlled overin my bed, for,sultry wasthe weather.Soon came the timeto lace my shoesand hit the street. The mist mild, gladlygrazed over…
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