Who are you?

You are a tiny speck,stuck on a gigantic rockThe rock, tiny,circles a blob of firethat is monstrous. The blob now,a tiny speckraces with its peers,in a swarm. The swarm nowa tiny speck,swirls withcountless swarms. Tell me now, thatwe are so puny,who are we? To fight about his nameOr his characteristics? He who is unseen,incomprehensibleand the …

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Looking for Inspiration

I looked here,I looked there,Seeking for inspiration.“Where is it?” I asked myself. I searched for it,In the yonder,and beyond, untila voice inside me said“Connect with nature,embrace solitude.With a calm mind,focus upon your goals,then watch it trickle,experience the pour, andsee your creativity soar.” I never realized how Ireached the limelight.I promised myself thatfrom here, there isno …

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There is no ‘One’ leader. You lead me to someplace, while I lead you to another place. You are an expert in your field while I am with mine. Don’t pin me a leader for everything, for I can lead you to beautiful destinations that only I know. –Sreedhar Iyer