Happiness Quote

It does not matter if  You did not get the top rank. You did not get the best job. Your work was not accepted.  You do not have millions of followers on social media. But it does matter if  You are not happy with yourself So Just be Happy 🙂 -Sreedhar Iyer       

Success Quote

Want to be successful overnight? There are no shortcuts to success. The only thing that can lead to success is to work hard, persistently, till success kisses you. -Sreedhar Iyer  

Looking for Inspiration

I looked here,I looked there,Seeking for inspiration.“Where is it?” I asked myself. I searched for it,In the yonder,and beyond, untila voice inside me said“Connect with nature,embrace solitude.With a calm mind,focus upon your goals,then watch it trickle,experience the pour, andsee your creativity soar.” I never realized how Ireached the limelight.I promised myself thatfrom here, there isno …

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There is no ‘One’ leader. You lead me to someplace, while I lead you to another place. You are an expert in your field while I am with mine. Don’t pin me a leader for everything, for I can lead you to beautiful destinations that only I know. –Sreedhar Iyer