The Purple Hue

The rain went broke, and the sun rays poked The clouds darted, and the rays scattered. The light vowed   it would make amends to make the necessary bends. All this fuss, made the sky that was once blue, turn into a purple hue.

A New Morning

Photo by vjapratama from Pexels I tossed androlled overin my bed, for,sultry wasthe weather.Soon came the timeto lace my shoesand hit the street. The mist mild, gladlygrazed over me.The random chirpsin the trees, revealedthe hidden gems. I then embracedan abundant unwaveringyoung and old youngsters,walking and jogging along,savoring the beginningof a new morning. -Sreedhar Iyer

It is time to be happy

Photo by vjapratama from Pexels AloneI check myself; done.Time for some introspectionSolitude is sometimesa possible solution. To my partnerI lend my shoulder.Our talks crazy makes the dayinteresting. With my comradesWe Sing and danceAnd etch memoriesin Tonnes, thatwill never be forgotten. My virtual friends ‘n’the incessant notifications, matter less and less whenI am with myselfor with my real friends. I’m …

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Who are you?

You are a tiny speck,stuck on a gigantic rockThe rock, tiny,circles a blob of firethat is monstrous. The blob now,a tiny speckraces with its peers,in a swarm. The swarm nowa tiny speck,swirls withcountless swarms. Tell me now, thatwe are so puny,who are we? To fight about his nameOr his characteristics? He who is unseen,incomprehensibleand the …

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Happiness Quote

It does not matter if  You did not get the top rank. You did not get the best job. Your work was not accepted.  You do not have millions of followers on social media. But it does matter if  You are not happy with yourself So Just be Happy 🙂 -Sreedhar Iyer       

Success Quote

Want to be successful overnight? There are no shortcuts to success. The only thing that can lead to success is to work hard, persistently, till success kisses you. -Sreedhar Iyer