The King of the Sky

The night sultry,
was not apt for June oddly.
Sleepless, I tossed wildly and
dreamed walking on the moon vividly,
To my dismay, the dawn broke early
turning my dream blurry
and my eyes groggy.

The drip-drip noise outside,
drew me to the window sill.
The air was cool
that, I could feel.
The birds chirped merrily
Flying away happily,
for, they had their 
days work to do.

The clouds adorned the sky
And patched the mountains 
'twas a beautiful day, and
But not a time to make hay.

A sudden roar in the sky, 
Warned me of its rise high
The clouds quickly paved the way, 
to let it shine as bright as a day
For it was  the King of the sky.

Soon more clouds unfurled
Once again it faded, 
Going into hiding, 
now for a very long time.

Bidding goodbye, 
It promised that it'd be 
back with a dash 
once the rain drains
and the time apt
for a new chapter.

-Sreedhar Iyer

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